NOVUSERA PerfectLine – Effortlessly Builds Your Team

Please be my guest and take a tour of our marketing system, called PerfectLine.

This system is completely FREE TO OUR TEAM. This system helps you to effectively build your business almost effortlessly.

After you become a pre-enrollee in my PerfectLine, you’ll get notified by email when someone enrolls in NOVUSERA!  You see other people are taking the tour too, from all over the USA, Canada and Mexico.


When other people enroll, you’ll be notified that you have money waiting for you! Even though you did nothing but take the tour, you will have money waiting for you! That’s very exciting, isn’t it?

PerfectLine is a great tool to use to build your team!

Remember, this is not like other MLM opportunities. You don’t have to stock products, or spend a fortune!

If you want to build a business. Great, All you do is BUY ONE GOOD SUPPLEMENT that you need to take anyway, and use your FREE PerfectLine system to grow your business.

Almost effortlessly, you can build an income from home.

Just “Take The Tour”.

Click on that and enter your correct information.  When you take the tour you’ll be able to see how PerfectLine works.

You can always call me anytime at 407-545-1757 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

God bless!
C. J.

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Novus Era Meedots Balance

We will be shipping Meedots out over the next couple weeks and people are so excited!

Can’t wait to get a hold of the attractive design?  Neither can we!


We’ve fittingly named our first blend of Meedots… “Balance”

Meedots Balance is a full spectrum nutritional supplement that’s great for adults and kids alike!

Yes, just about anyone can take these supplements!  (Have I mentioned that the taste is sooooo sweet and delicious!)

We all want and need more balance in life. Balance is an everyday supplement that folks will just eat up!  I believe you will experience, just as I do that people will love the taste, (like candy), and the convenience of getting two bottles a month delivered right to the door!

By the way,  the earnings potential is huge!  Of course you can just buy the product and you don’t have to tell others.  But if you do, it can reward you VERY WELL.

Just as it says on the bottle… “your body deserves more of it”, so “come on” and do your body a favor –  join the Meedots craze!

If you haven’t checked out Novus Era and PerfectLine…  What are you waiting for?

PerfectLine practically builds your team for you! Almost as soon as your prospect checks out Novus Era’s PerfectLine they will start getting notified that other folks are checking out Novus Era too.

The best part is that every PerfectLine guest “shares”  in the profits!!! So, everyone in the PerfectLine earns money when they join Novus Era by just purchasing the product! (Because there are no huge joining fees!)

So If you haven’t checked out Novus Era and PerfectLine…  What exactly are you waiting for?

Nothing… So, 

Click Here and take a look as my guest!

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Novus Era Launch! Take The Free Tour

Why Meedots? Daily nutrition for the mere mortal.

Do you like candy? Of course you do. Now this is NOT candy, but it tastes like it!
That is one of the best things about our product. Most people are concerned about their health. They want to take a daily supplement. But they don’t like the taste or they just forget to take their supplements.

Meedots taste great and you get TWO Bottles with EVERY order!

Packed with essential nutrients, Meedots pack a big punch of what your body craves into your everyday diet.

As one of Novus Era’s founding affiliates our family was able to sample the product and everyone that tried the Meedots from the youngest (5 years old) to the oldest wanted more!

Meedots is a product that people will buy OVER and OVER and OVER!
This means that when you join as an affiliate, you will be able to provide a great product that you are proud of. Your family, your friends, and your team will love and reorder Meedots month after month!

Our first Meedots is a Family Daily Multi-Vitamin that not only tastes great, but remember…

Are you allergic to anything? Don’t worry Meedots are…

  • Peanut Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Tree Nut Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Egg Free

Why gummies? Well, simply put, gummies are amazingly delicious to eat and your body will quickly receive the nutrients that each dot contains.

Years of research and development have gone into the proprietary formulation with special focus applied to when the nutritional goodness is added. The unique recipe behind our Meedots allows us to add the nutrients after the gummies have been cooked and molded. What this means is that the vitamins aren’t subjected to heat which can denature the nutrients, rendering them less effective.

Novus Era Meedots

New Great Tasting  Novus Era Meedots

This is our first product, and there are a lot of reasons to buy your Meedots and become an affiliate. I will be writing more about this in the coming days so fill out your email address below and make sure you are notified when we publish new posts to this website and to get notified of other great happenings like…

  • Updates & Information
  • Team Calls
  • New Sizzle Calls
  • Periscope Times
  • Google Hangouts
  • Webinars
  • Contests, and….
  • How to get your own free website from me!
  • And more!

Stay In The Know!

Check out PerfectLine….
Novus Era’s FREE MARKETING SYSTEM! This system will effortlessly reward and signup your pre-enrollees for you!

Novus Era's Perfectline System

CLICK HERE TO TOUR THE FREE “Novus Era Perfectline System”

Go to the PerfectLine system NOW and check it out.

As one of Novus Era’s leaders in the company I welcome you to call me any time with your questions at 877-508-3388
Thank you,

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